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Simple Science Experiments For Kids | Lava Lamp

Easy steps- diy Lava Lamp science experiment!

My kids and I love to do this experiment! This personally reminds me of my childhood lava lamps in the 90s which where a vibe haha! This is a fun and easy lava lamp science project to do with the kids at home, so bring your Journal, pens, and crayons!

Supplies Included-

Long bottles

Add 3/4 vegetable oil


1/4 water

10 drops of colorful food coloring

Add Alka-Seltzer tablets- break up about 3 pieces

Add And Boom! Awesome lava lamp science experiment that is such fun at any time! Many other items can be added to make it glow or see what can float or sink & use a flashlight with the lights off to see it in the dark! you can even create a observation map together about the process. 🙂

How it works

“Oil and water do not mix.” Their molecules, the small particles they’re made of, don’t fit together well enough for them to stay mixed together, even when you shake the bottle up and down. The oil blobs become much smaller when you shake the bottle, but when you stop shaking the bottle and let it stand still for a while, the oil bubbles start moving back together to form bigger “blobs” again. Left on the counter overnight, the oil and water will have time to separate almost completely. You’ll see that the colored water sinks to the bottom and the oil forms a layer on top of it. This oil rises to the top because it is less dense than the water. Density is how much an object weight compared to the volume of the space it takes up. In other words, if you have the same volume of water and oil the water weights more than the same amount of oil.


Did you try this experiment? How did you like it? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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4 comments on “Simple Science Experiments For Kids | Lava Lamp

  1. TheNaturalMomBlog | Maria J

    Awesome 👍

  2. We have done oil and water experiments but NEVER would’ve thought to add Alka Seltzer! Inspired to try it again!

  3. TheNaturalMomBlog | Maria J

    That’s cool this is for sure a fun activity to do for any time!

  4. We did this during school lockdown earlier this year and it was a fun activity!

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