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Vegan Smoothie recipe

Green Vegan Smoothie recipe

BONUS: It contains immune-boosting superfoods.

This protein-packed smoothie makes the perfect post-workout meal. So, the next time you need a boost, recover and reset with this green smoothie recipe!


Frozen Bananas x 2

Organic Almond Milk 1 cup

1.5 cups Fresh Spinach

1 tbsp. Milled Flaxseed

2 tsp Pumpkin Seeds for topping

Mix 2 tsp of Maca powder or preferred protein

In a blender or juicer simply blend all the ingredients you have (except the Pumpkin Seeds) together until smoothie is ready to serve add the pumpkin seeds on top, you can also try with other amazing toppings you love as well & Enjoy!

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