Self-care for the busy Moms in the midst of it all

Dear mama, you need to know that you matter not only because your a mom, but because you are you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God. Your physical, mental, and spiritual well being matters. And know that you are not alone. Lets find the time to get moving but know when to take a break to reflect..

After becoming tired of the funk I have been feeling during these crazy times I have learned that self care doesn’t have to be that complicated you know. See, You don’t have to spend hours a day, buy expensive equipment, join a class, kill yourself boot camp-style, find a famous diet plan or even go to the gym (unless that’s your thing, of course).
Self care can look different for everyone. It’s not the need to compare yourself to another. Stay far away from the heavy influence that social media platforms can sneakily attract its way into your space. Especially if it’s not helping you spiritually. I’m not against it all together because I too use social media but I am now trying to be aware of what I allow to influence my life.

Self care for me I love going out to hike and sight-see or go to a lake and just kicking back to enjoy my surroundings while the kids play together. and being able to enjoy an adventure with my kids while being active is a double win! It also looks like just enjoying the comfort of my own home, writing blogs, working on current projects, watching my favorite shows, leaving my hair in a mom bun for as long as I want, Or pampering myself when I have the energy. Embracing my life for what it is and feeling grateful.

Really anything encouraging that fits your lifestyle and motivates you as we are all different. You’ll find it invigorating and will be presently surprised at all the wonderful things it will do in your life, I know this might sound a bit extra but I’m serious, this will help you learn how to simply enjoy the little things,, also boost your energy and immunity, improve your sleep, and even help you think more clearly. Not to mention you’ll be setting a great example for your kids.

silence your inner critic or anyone else whose opinion you don’t need. Taking a break is not only nice, it’s necessary. So, slow down when you feel the need too. Savor a mug of hot cocoa or coffee, enjoy a nice family friendly movie night, or reading scriptures that allow time for grace for reflection, slip on some warm fuzzy slippers. whatever makes you feel comforted and cozy in the heart! Then when you need to get back to the grind you will feel so much better! TLC 💕

So, mama, please hear me: You are not imagining your burnout. And your burnout is not your fault. Motherhood is challenging and hard at times but so very rewarding and it’s all worth it. Refuse to buy into the notion of the picture perfect mother or materialistic views we constantly view as the “dream life”. Don’t fall for what society tells us our life ‘should’ look like. Raising a human being is one of the most important jobs on this earth. Mama, you are not alone.
This motherhood thing can be so hard. It may seem like all the other moms have it together, but the truth is, none of us do. You got this girl! we should be able to embrace all the flaws and all because that’s how we learn to love and value our-self. To allow the grace in it all to let go and allow God’s guidance and protection over us more than ever.

When we’re fueled by the fear of what other people think or when we are so hard on ourselves It’s tough to show up. We end up hustling for our worthiness rather than standing in it. Just know that the Lord is near unto the broken heart and he feels the pains of the humble. Showing us in which way to go. Leaning unto the Lord will renew our strength and we will go from darkness unto light. Trust in him with all thine heart.

I won’t let the situations of life overcome me because this too shall pass and I will trust the Lord and his timing. Asking God for help, and for his grace is Amazing. Stating what you are going threw in all truth and honesty to him praying with an open heart. Because tending to the root is truly self-care.

Thank you for reading! God bless you. 🌼