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7 Tips for back to School in 2020

Hey guys! There is still so much unknown under the current circumstances we are facing, whether if we are going to home-school the whole year or for the upcoming semester. We are just planning and deciding on what’s best for our family at this point. Everyone has a different situation so if your going to be homeschooling, E-learning-remote or are going back to school here are some tips to get our kids and ourselves prepared for the new upcoming school year! I wanted to share some tips of what my kids and I do every year that help us to prepare for back to school as well the important changes we need to discuss for this year.

INFORM — We’re soon going to be getting so much information about schools starting, mask mandates, remote learning, schedules, and homeschooling etc! Keeping our kids updated and having an open discussion can really help them understand the changes coming with school this year as well help ease any stress on our kids. We have to remember that this will not be an easy transition for them especially the little ones and will take much team work as a family. This will open up the conversation to decide what is best for your family. Talking through the nerves of the changes in school can help them feel better and much more prepared.

ORGANIZING — One important thing I have learned in the past few years having an 11 year old and 5 year old, who is now going to start the 6th grade and Kindergarten, is to go through all the supplies they might already have and can reuse in the new school year, like binders, notebooks, pencils, sharpeners, etc. this really helps if you don’t want to buy any extras and this will you put everything in a pile and make a list on anything they will need. Create their own bin and add their names with a label to make it fun! filled with their school supplies or snacks & lunch items. This can help your kids prepare their own lunches or to help assist you with them. Another way to prepare is going through your child’s clothing before you shop, to get an idea of what your child needs now, and what they might have plenty of. If you are homeschooling or E-learning you might not need to buy as much at this point as far as school uniforms it all depends on your situation. Just a few extra school supplies as needed.

HOMEWORK STATION — This space can be very simple so don’t stress! You don’t need a classroom to teach! In my home we have a simple desk computer setup with a printer where my oldest uses for any projects and my youngest usually uses his small activity table we have in our living room a simple space with a table set or any area where they can learn is so helpful.

HOME – If possible, It helps so much to have a place for school supplies, crafts items, backpacks, etc.. This will prevent losing some things and panicking or going crazy the next morning trying to find them! To be honest I still need to work on this much better! it’s a work in progress, but not striving for perfection taking it easy because all we can do is to try our best. Bc the struggle is real sometimes you guys. lol.

SUPPLY SHOPPING –Many stores offer delivery & pick up. Online shopping is a good option I love at times, but sometimes I do prefer picking up the items also. Dollar tree is a great option for bins and crafts and more, Family Dollar or Walgreens for certain Items, T J maxx, or Target has a great clearance area. I would love to know which do you prefer? where do you find your school supplies? I wouldn’t mind checking out other places with reasonable prices.

BEDTIME SCHEDULE — Summer is all about late nights & fun! The last thing my kids want to talk about is anything back to school related LoL! but once it gets closer and closer to get back to the school routines, it will be time to start transitioning back to our bedtimes. It’s so important we all get the right amount of sleep, in order to be prepared for the busy day ahead. I’m not to strict when it comes to sleep times at times since now with possible homeschooling who knows how it will all turn out! I guess I will have to just wait and see how it goes! and maybe I will update on a new blog post.

END OF SUMMER BASH — Going back to school doesn’t have to be all about the stress & dread! Make sure to find ways to still have some fun, in a safe manner of course. quality family time before the hustle & bustle of school brings. Bring out the water balloons, popsicles & movie nights, or board games, BBQs for a end of summer party! Here’s a list of ideas on some fun things to do with your kiddos before Summer ends! 🙂 Summer fun Ideas! Indoor + Outdoors ~ Summer, Fall or Winter we can always find ways to make the best out of any situation for our kids!

I hope these tips are helpful to you guys. It helps not only my kids, but it helps me also when we take these steps to prepare for the school year! I will be updating soon with a back to school supplies haul in the upcoming weeks.

Let me know what tips you use to prepare in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!

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