How To: Matcha Latte

Fun fact! I used to work at Starbucks for a few years and Matcha and Chai Tea lattes were my favorite drinks!! But this homemade version tastes just as good and super easy to make! with all natural sugar I found a great easy way to make a Matcha Latte at home! I wanted to share the easiest recipe possible, so here is how I make my matcha latte:

What You Need for a Matcha Latte

Makes 1 cup

• Coconut Milk

• 1 Tsp of organic ceremonial grade matcha

 • Cinnamon

 • Honey

The How To’s (It’s Pretty Easy)

1. First, froth your coconut milk

2. Then, pour in the matcha powder into a blender use any utensils you have to make it smoother.

3. Next, add in a dash of cinnamon and small squeeze of honey.

4. Blend all these ingredients together!

5. You can store the remaining Matcha in the fridge for the rest of the week. To use, simply pour into a cup of ice and enjoy!