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Strengthening my hair with castor oil and hemp seed

Castor Oil And Hemp Seed Conditioner

I wanted to share my positive experience to encourage and to give hope to anyone who is having difficulty with the growth or strength of their hair. The best advice I can give when it come to your overall health is to be consistent in healthy self care routines. and to have patience with yourself. Take the time you need to heal in any circumstance.

Tips: Simply take some castor oil and massage it onto your scalp you can mix it with other organic hair treatments as well. I found that Hemp seed conditioner with castor oil together truly are amazing! Due to the healing effect of the oil hair growth will increase. Castor oil contains omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin E, as well as other vitamins and minerals which provide nutrition to hair follicles, promotes the retention of moisture. By applying it to the scalp, it moisturizes the roots and strengthens growing hair follicles. These same properties make it an excellent treatment for hair loss and is helpful to both women and men.

You can also keep it on overnight – there is no restriction and it will never damage your hair. You can find many other great products without the harmful ingredients, all we need to do is research the ones that will not harm our hair and scalp health.

In my recent blog ingredients-to-try-to-avoid-and-a-simple-list-of-vegan-skincare I share the names of the different types of ingredients in many products to avoid, in which we can find in most convenience stores today.



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